Film, T.V., Theatre Production & Investment

Devil1 Entertainment invests in film, T.V., live theatre and entertainment concepts. Our latest film project is ‘On The Other Foot’ a light hearted comedy with a big message about racism. What happens when a self proclaimed white racist wakes up one morning as a black man? A classic concept of walking a mile in another man’s shoes is given an intelligent narrative as we follow his hilarious journey. Will he learn, will he change? A thought provoking, poignant and laugh out loud film. Watch the trailer here:

We also invest in ground-breaking live entertainment productions with our partner company Supporting new concepts in immersive and site specific entertainment. From theatrically creative pop-up and walkabout entertainment to unique shows. Live entertainment can be specially written and choreographed for theatres, cabaret or dining venues, private individuals and corporate clients. Events can be created from start to finish with venue sourcing, specialised decor, sound and light plus a sparkling array of jaw-dropping entertainment.